Warranty for RioTouch monitors

    1. Dong Guan RioTouch Technology Co., Ltd, China(hereinafter "RioTouch") guarantees the end customer (hereinafter "customer") a manufacturer's guarantee for the following series of products:

RioTouch GT-65 LED touch monitor

Accessories and options for these products are not covered by this warranty.

    1. The warranty period is two (2) years from the date of sale to the first final purchaser as a new device ("warranty period"). As a final customer, the person who purchased the product is considered not for the purpose of commercial resale but for its own use.
    2. The guarantee is valid only for products purchased in the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Iceland ("scope of validity"). Guarantee benefits can only be claimed in these countries.
    1. During the warranty period, RioTouch eliminates product failures caused by material or manufacturing defects. The warranty service is offered within the scope of validity of the RioTouch's warranty by means of repair, exchange of defective parts, replacement of defective parts or of the product by an equivalent product without charging labor or material expenses. The execution of guarantee services does not lead to an extension or to a new beginning of the guarantee period. The replaced parts become the property of RioTouch.
    2. The benefits will only be provided by RioTouch if the defective product is presented within the guarantee period together with the original invoice or the original cash receipt of that dealer that sold the product to the first final customer (indicating the date of purchase, the designation of the model, serial number of the product as well as the name and address of the dealer).
    1. Warranty provision will not be offered in case of damages or defects not attributable to RioTouch and caused especially by:
      1. false use, mechanical damage (eg scratches, pressure nicks or break points), improper storage or cleaning, damage during transport, abuse or other fault of the customer or a third party;
      2. lack of observance of conservation and maintenance instructions of RIOTOUCH in the maintenance and conservation of the product;
      3. permanent representation of - also partially - frozen images (typical damages of the display are the so-called "burn in" effects such as "image retention" and "image sticking");
      4. conditions of service that exceed those of normal office use or normal private use (eg use in the presence of smoke, dust, or in ambient temperatures and extraordinary UV / IR radiation); for certain products RIOTOUCH has specified special service conditions;
      5. faults or fluctuations in the supply of current or electrical circuits, air conditioning equipment or other environmental conditions;
      6. force majeure, fire, floods, chemical or biological actions, war events, acts of violence or similar events;
      7. the change of the product by a person not authorized by RIOTOUCH;
      8. viral infections or use of the product with software not supplied with the product or improperly installed.
    1. Accessories such as cardboard boxes, packaging, batteries or other consumer components used in condition with the product and which must be replaced as expected are not covered by the guarantee.

Warranty services are offered within the scope of validity of the warranty after consulting the RIOTOUCH hotline or another service partner authorized by RIOTOUCH (Sabrina@riotouch.com).

    1. This warranty does not affect or influence the legal or contractual rights of the buyer against the seller for defects in the thing. These rights may also be enforced by choice instead of the warranty services offered here.
    2. Likewise, the rights according to the law on defective products or other compulsory legal rights of the buyer are conserved.
    1. In case of breach of obligations due to light negligence, the responsibility of RIOTOUCH is limited to the foreseeable average damage, typical of the contract and direct. In the breach of unimportant obligations due to slight imprudence, all liability is excluded.
    2. While the liability of RIOTOUCH is excluded or limited, this also applies to personal liability for compensation for damages of its employees, collaborators, representatives and executive assistants.
    3. The above liability restrictions do not apply to customer claims for personal injury or health or loss of life.
    4. With this guarantee statement, RIOTOUCH guarantees exclusively the absence of defects in material and transformation in the product.
    5. This statement does not include other warranty benefits than those promised by RIOTOUCH in this document.
    1. The law of the Republice of China.
    2. As in the case of any litigation with merchants according to the law, legal entities under public law or legal-public patrimony, the city of BeiJing is established. The same law is valid if the client does not have general jurisdiction in the country, moved his home or his habitual whereabouts to another place abroad or if his domicile or his habitual whereabouts are unknown at the time the claim is made.

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