Interactive whiteboard S series

Full screen free writing

More Interactive education

Multi-System Compatibility

Ultra-Slim Aluminum Frame

shaped arc Angle design

Safety Butterfly

Two Installation Methods

Wall mounted installation

Mobile stand installation

Technical Specification
General Product mode S82
Technology Infrared
External size 1688 * 1208 * 33mm
Active area (mm) 1964.2 (77.3inch)
Active area (W×H) 1606 * 1126
Projection area 1896.7 (74.7inch)
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Package size 1310*1780*70mm
Gross weight 23kg
Net weight 16.7kg
Resolution 32767*32767px
Frame material Aluminum frame
Panel material XPS, Aluminum honeycomb, Ceramics
Back panel material aluminum, galvanized sheet
Shortcuts sticker support 18-shortcut sticker on double sides
Interface USB 2.0
Current consumption <0.2A
accessoris whiteboard pen/wall mounted brackets/USB extended cables/CD with software
Touch function Technology Infrared
Input Method Finger, teaching point, or opaque objects
Write, Line and remarks Full screen write, line and remarks at the touch area
Calibration 4 points calibration, 16 points calibration
Driver free driver
Interface USB 2.0
Touch Durable Touch times>10million
Touch object Infrared LED light
Electrical Responsible time <=5 ms
Linearity Error <0.001mm
Write and line 1.Fluent writing;
2.Support 10 users writing at the same time。
Anti-light indoor, outdoor and strong light
working temperature -20℃--70℃
Touch accuracy <=1.0mm
Touch parameter Calibration <=1.0mm
Cursor speed <=5 ms
Touch system Transparency 100%
Minimum Touch Object >=5mm



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